Neron: Computation Log

Date Logged Person Computation
August 2005 Noam Elkies Misc. number theory
August 2005 Ronald van Luijk Point counting / arithmetic geometry
August 2005 David Pollack Modular forms
2004 - Sept 2005 Nick Rogers Elliptic Curves
September 2005 William Stein SAGE Development
July 2004 Matthew Bainbridge Some paths on a billiards table
April 2004 Andrei Jorza The Todd class of CP^4 for a 272 problem set; the number of supersingular j-invariants in F_p for p prime.
April 2004 Justin Walker 64-bit Number theory software development
April 2004 Dan Grayson Macaulay2 Development
April 2004 David Harvey Studying Chromatic Polynomials
February 2004 Tom Coates Gromov-Witten invariants
January 2004 Harvard University: the Office of the Provost Testing of Stata statistical analysis software in a very large memory environment
2003-2004 Stephanie Yang Hilbert series computations
Sept 2003 Romyar Sharifi The image of Up-1 in I/I2
Sept 2003 David Dumas Big calculations of holonomy representations of complex projective structures on punctured tori
August/Sep 2003 William Stein, Andrei Jorza, Jenn Balakrishnan Elliptic curves of prime conductor for an undergraduate research project (we prove the smallest conductor of an elliptic curve of rank four is composite).
August 2003 William Stein Discriminants of Hecke algebras for a joint paper with Frank Calegari
August 2003 Stephen Miller Pari/GP computations about L-functions that require lots of memory.
August 2003 Soroosh Yazdani ?
August 2003 Nick Rogers Ranks of curves x^3 + y^3 = k
June-July 2003 Philip Zeyliger A Class of Graphs with Small Tau
July 2003 William Stein Computations for J1(p) has connected fibers
June 2003 William Stein Large number of characteristic polynomials of Hecke operators on spaces with nontrivial character for The Modular Forms Database
May -- July 2003 MAGMA Testing and development of their software in a 64-bit Sun environment
May 2003 William Stein Characteristic polynomial of Hecke operator T_2 on level one forms of weight 2706 and 2874. (I did all weights <= 3000 except 2706 and 2874 using meccah, but couldn't do these two.) Table of characteristic polynomials.
May 2003 William Stein Computed first 5 million coefficients of Delta (the level one form of weight 12)
April 2003 William Stein and Arthur Gaer Setup, configuration, and initial testing of hardware and operating system